Learning in a group environment where peer-to-peer sharing is encouraged. Individuals sharing, experiencing and learning from each other lead by a facilitator.

The group gains the confidence and skills needed to lead their team or company to the vision that has been created, in a manner that feels comfortable while encouraging the team beyond their limits.

What does this look like:

  • 4-8 individuals working together to improve their leadership. This can be managers in the same department, people from various departments at the same reporting level or a group of small business owners.
  • Confidentiality and respect from the other members of the group.
  • What happens in the room stays in the room.
    • Taking it one step at a time to create “habits” of leadership.
    • Creating a leadership style that is comfortable and individual to each member.

What it is not:

  • A quick fix
  • Copying someone else’s style
  • Creating a herd mentality
  • A competition

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